2017 “Summer Soar” Reading Program

St. Peter School is proud to announce the return of its “Summer Soar” Reading program.   As parents and teachers know, students all too often find themselves losing ground academically during the summer and our best laid plans of reading some books often gets forgotten.  This has been referred to as the “summer slide.”  We call our program “Summer SOAR” to help students not only stay on level for Reading but maybe soar to some newer higher ground.  At each grade level students will be  read books in different genres over the summer.  Students will get to choose the books they want to read to keep interest high and let them have choices in their reading.  Students in grades 4-6 next year who are hoping to participate on the Reading Competition Team next year are encouraged to read those titles over the summer or can choose additional books.  The summer reading goals for each grade level can be found on each teacher’s Class Notes page on the school website. Folders were also sent home during the last weeks of the school year.  If you are looking for some good titles of books for your child’s age, we recommend you visit the local library or check out www.scholastic.com and look for the links to their summer reading program which includes lists of books.  The local libraries also have great book lists.  Books can be found at local libraries and don’t forget about the book sale at the Church Picnic on June 25TH.  Here’s to “soaring” this summer with Reading!