2017 Grandparents’ Day Picnic & Open House

Mark your calendars now for our 2017 Grandparents’ Day Picnic on Monday, September 11th at 11:35 and our Fall Open House on Tuesday, September 12th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  On Monday, grandparents, parents, family friends or extra special someone are invited to come and have lunch on the school grounds with students.  On Tuesday, our school will be open to students, friends and family and school supporters, past, present or future, to stop in, see our beautiful school and meet our teachers.  Our Young Heart Book Fair will be going on at the same time as both of these events and during the day on Monday and Tuesday in the Library.  We appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic support of these events and our wonderful local book store.  Thanks to the credit our school earns from our book fairs during the school year, we are able to purchase novels for literature units in classrooms as well as books for our Reading Competition Team and Keystone State books every year.  Hope to see you!