Third Grade

Merry Christmas!





This month goes by so fast, please don’t forget to enjoy each other and the spiritual time of Christ’s birth.

Reading: We will read and test on 2 stories with spelling and vocabulary

Math: The students will start multiplication facts and making their own set of flash cards for the facts 2 – 12 (please help your child study with these facts over the holiday)

Social Studies: We are going to be taking a break on the states. We will start the southern middles states when we came back from vacation.

Grammar: Verbs are winding down and we will be working on how to write notes for research and paragraphing

Holy Day: The Feast of Immaculate Conception is celebrated on Dec. 8 with a special Mass, please observe this Holy Day

Calendar: The December calendar is attached, if you lose your home copy please check out tests and events in this copy

I truly hope for a blessed holiday season for all of you. Let’s rest up and recharge to come back to a new year and more creative learning time!



December 2017 Calendar

2017-2018 Third Grade Reading Requirements

Third Grade Supply List 17-18

Reading Log